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The X-6 takes on the battery configuration from the X-5 4WD car. This is a 4+2 configuration which is wholly unique to the X-5 -- That is, until now of course.

To be compatible with Lithim Polymer batteries which will become more popular over the coming months / years, the car is designed to have the ability to accept the new breed of cased LiPo cells which are becoming popular like this gold bar style 4900mah from TRAKPOWER [review coming soon]. These fit across the car at the rear. Being lighter than conventional packs, this does enable the driver to balance the car with lead.

The LiPo compatibility also means there is room for a conventional side-by-side pack of cells. The 4+2 is probably the best bet for balance, since the weight is more central and the car would have less roll.

To accomodate the hard cased LiPo packs, the cell strap is consequently double-sided. One side has various protruding "spikes" which lock into the 4+2 and side-by-side pack configurations to hold them secure.

The other side is smooth and has small lugs which secure the LiPo pack from moving around.

The cell strap is painstakingly designed to accomodate all three configurations and still allow for good access to plugs etc. In practice the strap works well.




The ESC is placed in the left hand side of the chassis. The area isn't the largest but there is certainly enough room for the majority of ESCs, both large and small. I tested three for fit, and to show the room available. The largest being the LRP Sphere. The Sphere would sit at a slant in the chassis due to the chassis moulding bulges - these can be sanded down if required to fit just about any ESC.

Fitting the electrics in the X-6 is a relatively painless exercise by all accounts. As mentioned in the build, I left the electrics until last rather than have an ESC and Receiver in the car from the start and getting in the way. Things are generally neat and tidy until it comes to the motor wires. These need a bit of care to wire around the 4+2 configured cells. If you are running another configuration of battery then the motor wires would need to arc over the top - not pretty but it works.

Dan Greenwoods car
Chris Longs car

The receiver goes in the right hand area in the chassis. There is enough room for all but the largest receivers. A mount for the aerial tube is moulded into the chassis but no aerial tube is provided. This is a slight problem since I couldn't find an aerial tube which was a tight fit inside the mount.

To solve this I put a good dose of threadlock on the tube before inserting - this worked well but its not ideal. Glue would hold things better but could be a real pain to remove later.

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