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JConcepts CLASH - day 1 - Practice - 10th December 2008

Day one of the JConcepts clash 2008 was dedicated practice day, starting at 9am. Eager racers were already arriving by 8.30am and race organisers were busy applying the finishing touches to the track and pitting area. I had expected more presence on the first day of this exciting event, but JConcepts superstar Richard Lowe told me that similarly last year very few people turned up for practice - confident in their ability many people chose to turn up to book in on the day of qualifying. Free practice was run in alternating 1 hour slots to separate 8th and nitros from the more fragile 10th cars.

Fisheye warrior.

Jason Ruona proudly displaying his banner.

Mrs.JConcepts books in some oOple dudes.

LiveRC Camera stuff going on.

Things were very informal and easy going on practice day, so things took a while to get into full swing (as did the jetlagged brits)

Richard Lowe admiring the track...

...whilst the rest of teamGB letch over some tyres.


Lots of tyres to glue for this event.

Word in the pits was that Ryan Maifield is 'ridiculously good in the air' and does more steering there than when he's on the ground, so I went out to get some photographic evidence.

Oops - Maifield gets it wrong

Ex Double World Champ Kinwald with his X-60

Speaking of ridiculously good - 1987 and 1993 2wd World Champion Brian 'Dirtinator' Kinwald running for X-Factory was also present for a bit of practice before the main event.

Early in the day the tyre of choice was JConcepts green-compound 'Double Dees', once the track has grooved JConcepts barcodes will be the preferred option. Tim Davis from JConcepts took some time out from practice to show us the new tyres from JConcepts which were released in time for the 1/8th off-road worlds in September.

The latest tyres from JConcepts


From left to right - 1/8th buggy tires Crossbows, Double Cross, Sevens and Crowbars. Back left corner 1/8th truck tires Cross Hairs and 1/10th truck front tire Carvers. All tires shown are new and being sold at the event. In the large photo to the right we have highlighted the Sevens.

A few guys are racing the new Traxxas 'slash' electric 8th scale car - it's based on full sized 'corr' trucks and is more of a bash than race class as everyone runs stock parts but they look great fun! (Jimmy: I want one!)

JRo displays 'The Truth'

Slash / J82 / Slash

JConcepts have produced a shell for the car named 'the truth'.. Its out there now..

Weather forecasts for the dates of the Clash had been pretty grim, with thunder storms and rain expected by the middle of the afternoon. The sky looked pretty threatening all day, and by 1pm there had already been two rain showers. Steve 'Vermin' Pierce reported that the track was bearing up pretty well following the somewhat superficial rainfall, but then commented that he hadn't driven on the track whilst it was moist.





JConcepts and oOple have teamed up to bring another great competition to oOple forum users. Another opportunity to put to use your creative skills, the top prize includes a BRAND NEW JConcepts BJ4x4 Worlds Edition, and will go to competitor who submits the best race report, closing date 12th January 2009 - this has been extended to give people more time. Check out the details HERE

X-Factory daddy, Chaz Sinclair, introduced himself to me early in the day, keen to show me the companys latest masterpiece - the X-60, their electric 1/10th scale stadium truck. Unfortunately due to complications with the supply of carbon fibre for the shock towers, production has so far been limited to 100, all of which have now been shipped out to distributors across many different countries. Further production is expected to be in motion after December 20th. X-Factory celeb and multiple Euros A-Finalist Tom Cockerill was present with his X-60, along with team mates Brian Kinwald and Paul Sinclair who he chose to pit with instead of his oOple buds, but we don't hold grudges.

Chaz proudly holds the X-60 kit.

Chaz's Box

Tom enjoys posing like a tool.

Tucking into the team McBreakfast.

Newsflash from Richard Lowe was that the chick-fil-a milkshakes are awesome.

Loads of pimped trucks here.....dog

The brains behind the event, and Jason ;)

Pidge-Mag pulling off

Lots of tyres to glue for this event.

Practice closed for the day at 3pm due to a torrential AND WE MEAN TORRENTIAL RAINSTORM :( - Naturally our brave British warriors had to be escorted from the track, such is the extent of their all-weather training gained from racing the UK National series that they didn't want to leave! (that last part was a total lie)

Very Moist

This sucks...

Even though there hadn't been much sun on day one, the talk from the organisers was that calcium chloride powder would be spread over the track to speed up the blue-grooving process ready for first round of qualifying.


Who's looking quick?

Maifields 8th buggy and truggy
Rich Lowes B4
Bradders B44
JH's Electric 8th (rich lowe said it was awesome ;)
Lee Martins B4
JR Mitch's nitro 8th


Stop press

ben Jemison beat Ryan Maifield at pool in 'Sharkys' bar and netted himself $5, what a hustler.


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