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Electrics & Engine
The 801XT has a sealed radio box to house the receiver and battery pack, and this needs assembling from four main parts. There are seperate lids for quick access to the receiver and hump-configuration receiver battery. A rubber switch cover is included and after previous experience, I mounted the switch so it turns on in the down position - a heavy landing can knock the switch down so mounting it the other way could cause everything to turn off!

I managed to get hold of a couple of new servos imported and distributed by Trakpower and manufactured by Ino-Lab in Korea, for use in the TRF 801XT. Ino Lab are more known in the RC flight arena but with quality servos like these are starting to make an impact in racing circles.

I got the HG-D750MG & HG-D760MG ino-lab servos to try. The servos are very similar but whilst the '750' concentrates on all out torque, the '760' is designed for speed. With a nippy transit time (to 60 degrees) of 0.12 seconds but a massive 13.30kg of torque, the '750' fit the job of handling the steering on this huge beast perfectly.
The other servo - the '760', still has plenty of torque with 9.60kg, and with a rapid 0.09 seconds transit time - it would be ideal for the throttle / brakes.

The assembled throttle / brake linkages. Only one link for the brakes due to the innovative setup on the 801XT.
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