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The driveshafts on all four corner are as previously mentioned for the centre driveshafts, a new updated design with larger diameter pins for added strength. The DEX410 came with rubber dust covers for the driveshafts and whilst these new shafts on the 'R are compatible with the rubber 'booties' none are included in the kit. I'd reccomend them - the outer (only used on the rear) don't seem to last long due to the extreme angle but I think they're still worth fitting.

The new driveshafts are a definite improvement and whilst we didn't have a problem with breaking pins in the old shafts, there were a few people who had this problem. The new 2mm pins should also be less likely to back out during use - which we did have a problem with on the 410.

No plastic shrouds/clips are included to keep the pins in unlike the centre shafts but if you really need that security it's easy enough to cover with some heat shrink.

Front hubs turn on steel inserts.
New steel crush washers for front and rear

The front hubs and hub carriers are all new on the R - in fact, there are a few changes in the details that aren't so obvious on first looking. The hub carriers are moulded items - a change from the machined alloy items on the 410, and considering the cost maybe it's no big surprise.

The hubs themselves use a much larger bearing on the outside face to better cope with the rigors of off road. The inner bearing remains the same but front and rear hubs now have a steel crush-spacer rather than the alloy used on the 410 - which, erm, got easily crushed!

410R front hub on the right uses a much larger outer bearing than the older 410 hub on the left.

The rear hubs are the same as the 410's and keep the regular sized bearings. The 410R uses a pin to transmit power to the rear wheels just like many 2WD and 4WD competition cars use / are able to use.

'R' drive pin top - vs - original 410 pin bottom.

The pins on the older 410 car were a little short and nothing special in terms of quality - the 410R gets long (14mm) pins of a much higher quality, and the length should help reduce chances of wheel damage.

Outer suspension hinge pins front and rear are captured by a single grub screw in the hub/hub carrier that holds the pin on a corresponding recess to prevent it backing out.

Camber and steering links on the DEX410R are all identical length black steel turnbuckles. The ball cups are a newer material - a running change from the 410 car, but an improvement none the less. The ball cups have holes for quick adjustments without having to remove the ball cups from the studs (doing so causes wear and tear and its best kept to a minimum).

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