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Paul Bradby is a Racer from the North East region of the UK, driving for Yokomo / Associated and first got the then-prototype BX at the worlds in 2005.

Name: Paul Bradby a.k.a Bradders

Age: 24

Years Racing: 17 and a bit years I think.... a long time anyway!

First Car: Mardave Meteor

Sponsors: Associated/Reedy, Yokomo, Novak, Proline, CML, Castle Models, Major Paints

Favourite Track: Competition Hobbies, Arizona (Unbelievably good!) As for the UK... I honestly don't really like any of the tracks we race on. Harsh but unfortunately true.

Best Racing Result: I suppose Italy last year?!!

Hi Paul, You had a really great result at the world championships in italy last year, finishing 8th overall with a car you'd not driven before, the Yokomo BX, was that a surprise to you ?
It didn't surprise myself because I knew I was good enough. I think it surprised a few other people though! To be fair the car was easy to drive so I just had to keep it on it's wheels.

You raced the Yokomo BC along side your CML Team mates for quite a while, do you think you'd have had near the same success at the worlds with the old car ?
In two words... Hell no!!! I don't want to hate on the BC too much, but compared to the BX it wasn't exactly up to the job of competing at a high level. The BX feels like a 4wd should feel, which made it enjoyable to rally round the track with.

What do you see as the main advantages over the previous car ?

As i mentioned before, it handles like a 4wd should do. It feels balanced unlike the old one and isn't likely to throw itself off the track at random times like the BC used to. Maybe that was just with me!!!

Is there anything you'd change about the car ? eg. Moulded chassis, enclose belts, shell, anything ?
Not really. All the issues on the car have been resolved since the prototypes were been used, so now it is pretty much the finished article when you get it out of the box. Maybe the only thing would be to enclose the belts to stop dirt, debris etc. getting into the transmission. But that's only ever an issue on a small number of tracks.

Are you running any optional parts on the car, front one-way, kingpin camber pickup etc ?? or are you trying the car stock for now ?
I personally don't like running a front one-way so you wont find one of those near my car! I haven't tried the kingpin pickup as yet, that's something to try in the future. The only thing different from standard (which I think you already know about?) is the slightly taller rear tower to allow a longer rear shock shaft to be used. It's still in the experimental stages, i'll be trying it this weekend at Bury Metro, so i'll let you know how it goes.

Do you have any quick build or maintenance tips you could share with us ?
I don't have any build tips, because personally it was the easiest kit i've ever built. Instructions were good, parts fitted without without any hassle etc. As for maintenance... The only thing we have noticed is that you have to keep a close eye on the UJ's on the driveshaft's (make sure the pins are located correctly after each run and the grub screws are tight!) This was at Kidderminster on a high grip track so it may be an extreme case.

Do you still have Masamis worlds car, and can I have it ? :)
Yep, i've still got it. It doesn't exactly look very car like anymore, it's been ransacked for bits over the past few months!!

Thanks for your time Paul, and good luck with your season!

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