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Yokomo have gone all out on this car, its no half-hearted attempt like the BC Special was.  From the ground up the car has been designed to perform with some unique and innovative features. The quality is unsurpassed, pretty much everything is right, things fit perfectly and quality of everything is as it should be.  No real work needs to be done to build the car, even with the Japanese manual I had the car just went together without fuss.

The diffs let the car down in a way, being open they are always going to get some dirt around them, but some form of seal like the Xray Labyrinth system, and even a foam cover over the thrust bearing would be welcome.  As it is, the rear diff especially will need rebuilding anywhere from once a meeting to maybe every 3/4 meetings depending on the conditions. Thankfully the car is nice to work on.  With all the screws going into alloy, once broken free, they spin out easily unlike those on other cars plastic parts where you really have to work on every screw all the way.  The rear diff comes out easily and quickly, it would be nicer if you didnt have to take the rear shock tower off to get it out, but its still quick.

Changing oil in the shocks was quick and skill-free, just fill up, bleed the excess out of the top cap screw hole, then close the hole.  Done and perfect. I never got chance to change seals or pistons, but those jobs look to be equally nice, far easier than the AE shocks thats for sure.

The centre one way and slipper are great items.  Its a shame they couldn't include a front one-way in the kit also so you have a choice, lets hope the cost isn't too high. The drivetrain freed up nicely after a few runs and running the front belt at loosest setting and rear at kit, there was never any belt slip. I have heard from people who have experienced belt slip with their new cars even at tighter settings than kit, not sure why.

The ability to run Losi style wheels all round on the car is a great choice by Yokomo.  It enabled me to borrow wheels from a XX4 driver for instance, and will widen the cars appeal. The loose pin when using losi style wheels is a problem though, and the length also looks like it might not be enough, I suspect it might strip some wheels in some circumstances but that is just a guess.  Adding a longer roll pin from a Losi / B4 should make it more secure.

I really like the BX, it not only looks amazing in all regards but also performs and is good to work on.  Parts for my BC Special were expensive and in some cases extortionate, which eventually put me off the car. The BX does look very strong indeed so buying spares could be a relative rarity to the BC Special, we'll have to see.

My review car sadly is going to a new home, If I could keep it I would.  Its one of  those cars that I'd like to try again some day when funds allow.

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Needless to say, i put a lot of effort into this review, so if you like it, let me know, thanks.

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Many Thanks to the following for their help with the review: John Price, Vicky oOple, Em Shields, Paul Rotheram, Derek and Paul Bradby, Dave Duggan/CML, David Mudford.

Special Thanks to Atomic Carbon for their great help with supporting the review

This review is self funded and not endorsed or supported by Yokomo or any of their importers, but I'd like to thank CML Distribution.

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