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The Predator is a 4wd buggy design, that has been around in various guises for a very long time. The latest revision, the X10, and the interest it has generated has proven that the design is far from dated. Indeed, many would say this is a very cutting edge, daring design, even now.

Predators in the past suffered a bad reputation for weakness', particularly in the drivetrain. And also the parts became in short supply and hard to come by.TTech announced the x10 in late 2004, Pre Orders for the car went in fast before any photos were even shown such is the reputation of the predators performance. Delays with manufacturing problems sadly kept the car from making it to any big races in 2005.

The car I have to build here is chassis number 28 (they are numbered) , Its one that was built but never used, so sadly I cannot go into as much detail as I'd like. I got the car from a nice chap in London, He had bought the car because it was what he had always wanted ( A predator) but sadly after building it he found he no longer had time for racing.

I agreed a price and drove 7-8 hours to collect the car and bring it back, such was my excitement.

After a week of sitting and looking pretty I took the car totally apart to begin the build and see how these things go together.

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