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One major issue with earlier predators was the gears in the gearbox, they were notoriously weak, this seems to have been addressed well.

The gears are a total re design and the pinions are now a very beefy looking steel which should'nt have any issues! the crown gears are a composite plastic and look very beefy also.

Onto the Differentials, both ends of the car use differentials, at this time there is no front one-way option.

The diffs are similar looking to others, but like the slipper clutch very simple, there is no locking nut or spring of any kind like you find on a similar looking tc3 diff.

The diff halves are machined from Hardened anodised alloy and the diff plates are keyed with a flat to prevent slippage. Ceramic Diff and Thrust balls are provided, which is a nice touch. The diff screw clamps it all together (with a touch of threadlock). Both front and rear diffs are identical.

The lightweight outdrives and ceramic balls add up to a very light diff at only 10g.

Front and rear diff out drives sit inside alloy sleeves which then sit into the gear boxes. You need to shim the gears properly at this point using the provided shims, there are suggestions in the manual for setting this up but its best to check for yourself.

The bearings on the out drives were quite well packed with grease so I soaked them in motor spray and gave them a light oiling, probably not really necessary on a drivetrain like this but hey.

Mesh front and rear on the beefy gears was excellent, Ttech advise a small amount of play in the mesh, similar to that of a motor pinion / spur gear, with the supplied shims and following the instructions this is exactly what I got, I cant see too many problems arising from the gearboxes on the new predator.

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