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The first thing I noticed was how solid feeling the chassis, it's 194g, not sure how this compares to similar moulded chassis like the xxx4., I am not sure of the material used, its stiff but quite heavy and very solid feeling. BUT Unlike most moulded chassis this is almost half the car, with the lower gearboxes and pivot blocks all moulded in, which explains the weight.

The quality looks good, with some post-mould milling and drilling which seemed to be quite well done. The cell slots are beveled and despite a couple of rough edges seemed good.

The main shaft is next, this is a solid carbon fibre rod which needs the slipper assembly and front one-way adaptor epoxying on either end. This is a job that I was unable to perform as mine had already been epoxied. Its a shame that this isn't something that is done in the factory as Its quite a critical job and some people might well not be able to do it.

The spur can ofcourse still be removed from the shaft and is harder than most shaft driven cars because both gear boxes need to be taken apart and the spur slid off the front of the shaft over the front one-way adaptor.

The slipper assembly consists of a machined slipper clutch coupling with a slipper plate incorporated. The 73t machined delrin spur gear is placed on top and another pressure plate is next, there are no inserts or friction pads, this is purely anodised metal pad against the machined delrin surface.

The tooth profile on the spur gear is a bit odd when compared to another spur like that from the rc10b4, It looks almost like there are more teeth than the diameter of the spur would normally llow.

3 Large spring washers provide the tension to clamp the spur and are held by a simple alloy nut. Its a simple slipper design but seems to work well without all the clutter of other slippers.

TTech suggest the adjustment range between low and high grip tracks is 1 turn, so fine adjustments are needed.

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